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People often feel lost when they have a product/business idea that should be developed. There is a lot of uncertain steps one is supposed to take to make things happen. The industry and business providing IT services oftentimes require from you, the founder, to deliver full documentation, wireframes and specification about your project. That can be an issue, right?

You don’t know where to start and how to produce all the materials expected from you. The only thing you know is how your product should work and what problem it can solve. Don’t worry. We’ll hold your back. :)

We are a digital consulting agency specialized in helping start-ups and early-stage businesses to get off the ground by guiding them through the process of Product Discovery, Ideation and Conceptualization towards working Prototype and Minimum Viable Product.

How we do it?

What we expect from you is to explain your product idea to us trough guided workshop, and we will take care of the rest.

Once we get all required input from you, we will do a market analysis for you, create personas, write business requirements, create wireframes and high-fidelity clickable prototype. You’ll be involved throughout the whole process - we won’t keep you in the dark until everything is completed. Your involvement matters, and we’ll ask for the feedback quite often.

Once the Product Discovery phase is completed, you will have the following deliverables:

It is up to you then to either proceed with us and let us do the development of the MVP or take it and continue your own hero’s journey (no hard feelings) :)

Product Brief

Design Brief

Product Backlog



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